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Ken in Portland, OR says:

My mother-in-law came for a visit recently. One morning, she was awake before everyone else and went looking for something to read. It must not have seemed so unlikely to her that a cookbook would feature a turtle on the cover! She told me it was quite a perplexing moment for her. I'm sorry to say the canniness and clarity of your work were not enough to keep her interest.

I on the other hand, took away quite a bit from the Ubuntu Live tutorial session in July, thanks JP & Carl! And, I find the BC accessible, useful, fun. I have used Google , forums, and IRC during my first year of using Linux to pick up the basics of system administration and interpret many, many error messages. I gradually realized how helpful it would be to learn to script but was somewhat intimidated and felt the need for a more fundamentally sound approach that only a book can provide. Thanks for a great resource. It goes with me...every time I need to poop.

Nice book. I enjoy the prose parts, with it's pattern of 'Problem', 'Solution', 'Discussion'. It's led to me finding ways to improve my scripts I would have never even thought to think of, if you know what I mean.

Plus, I enjoy the Appendix, providing nice summary of operations, etc., that I always have to look up when I need them (googling, before I had this book). One thing I think missing is a little reminder and/or entry in index on negating an expression. Now that I found it, by googling :) seems easy to remember ( ! expression) but ... I suspect in a few months I'll forget again :)