Carl, JP, and Cameron are happy to bring you this resource for bash users of all backgrounds. Here you can find on-line resources for bash and related topics, as well as information about our book, "bash Cookbook", part of the O'Reilly cookbook series.

Helpful Documents

New to bash? You might want to try this introduction to bash.

A Pro? Here are some helpful reference documents (not for beginners) dealing with bash.

What is bash?

The bash shell is powerful software for Linux, Unix, and other systems. It comes as a standard part of most Linux distributions ("distros") and most Unix systems. You can even get versions that will run on MS-Windows systems (see cygwin). It is the "command line interpreter" that you get when you bring up a terminal window like Konsole.

Great bash Video!

Great Bash will teach you the fundamentals of bash shell programming, beginning with simple shell scripts and progressing to complex, automated system administration and file management tasks. You'll also get a firm handle on control structures and the decision-making abilities of the bash environment. By the time you're done, you'll have written more than twenty complex shell scripts. Join Carl Albing, co-author of the bash cookbook, for screencast lessons of some great bash! Buy it today; use it every day.

Our Book Gets Reviews

We've collected some book reviews on the bash Cookbook like this one

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We Review Other Books

Want to know more about Linux? Here's a book that we reviewed:

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Learn Bash -- Take a Course On-Line

There's a free online course that uses "bash Cookbook" as its textbook. Work through the course in a collaborative environment. Don't forget to buy the book , too.